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HD5430+ List Price: $19,990.00

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This is a sizable scanner with a sensitive side. Featuring our advanced imaging technology, it's the ultimate choice for your extra-large, full-color scanning and copying needs.

Despite its huge 54” imaging area, the Contex HD5430 delicately handles oversized drawings, posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, even fine art – reproducing quality images, fast.

And it’s unbeatable on resolution, delivering the industry’s best at 120,000 pixels. You can rely on the Contex HD5430 for consistently outstanding extra-wide format scanning results.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Technology
  • Options
  • Warranty
  • Select a 54 inch scanner that can take up to A0+ / E-size+ landscape documents
    With uncompromising image quality standards, the Contex HD5400 scanner is designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks. Whether you are a private business, government or print-for-pay, an HD5400 is the right solution for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Wide and long
    Artwork, maps and other color- and detail-rich documents are reproduced to perfection, without any document
    length limit. You don’t have to scan the material in several parts and then stitch the images together afterwards.

    You have a consecutive processing of any number of scans, and software settings you can personalize to ensure the same scan, copy and color settings every time.

    The HD 5400 can scan A0+ and E size+ landscape
  • Proven technology
    A combination of 48-bit color, 4-channel CCD technology, full-size professional camera lenses and advanced image data processing algorithms creates a superior image quality. With image processing performed inside the scanner, your PC is free to run software applications more efficiently.

    The Contex HD5400 wide format scanner is fast and steady with up to 12 inch/second scanning speeds. Truly a workhorse that can handle very large originals with speed and ease. The HD5400 gives you a great performance and a high return on your investment.
  • Various media and thickness
    Do you have thick, mounted or other sensitive or specialized documents? No problem. Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) technology lets you scan documents up to 0.6“ (15 mm) thick and monitors pressure on the document surface.
  • 54-inch ultra-wide design captures oversized documents easily
  • 48-bit color and 16-bit grayscale image data capture from 4-channel CCD technology with lenses from Fujifilm
  • Exceptional ultra wide productivity, scanning up to 258 Arch E-size color documents per hour (214 A0/hour)
  • Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing over a network, and sending files to remote PC’s
  • All Wheel Drive (AWD), a precision paper feed tracking system, ensures a perfectly straight scanning path and distortion-free scans

Model Contex HD5430 PLUS
Optical Resolution 508 dpi
Maximum Resolution 9600dpi
Maximum Scan Width 54 in. (1372mm)
Maximum Media Width 56in. (1422mm)
Maximum Media Thickness 0.6in. (15mm)
Accuracy 0.1% +/- 1 pixel
Data Capture (Color/Mono) 48-bit/16-bit
Color Space sRGB
Interface USB 2.0 with xDTR
Software Nextimage 30-day trial included
Device Drivers 32 and 64-bit Windows 7, XP and Vista
TWAIN TWAIN driver included for use with EDM and other imaging software
Scanning Speed (inch/sec.): Scanner speed while scanning 36-inch wide document.
400dpi (Turbo) RGB Color 1.0
400dpi (Turbo) Index Color 3.0
400dpi (Turbo) Grayscale/Mono 12.0
Productivity (documents/hour): Batch scanning for 60 minutes. Includes paper load and eject time.
Measured in completed scans.
D-size, RGB Color, 200dpi 144
D-size, Monochrome, 200dpi 768
A1-size, RGB Color, 200dpi 136
A1-size, Monochrome, 200dpi 732
Power 110/220/240V, 60/50Hz, 180w
Weight & DImensions LxWxH 79kg (174lbs)/ 67 x 19 x 7 inches (169 x 47 x 18 cm)
Certifications/ compliance RoHS, UL, CE, GOST-R, CCC, VCCI, KETI, BSMI

Key technologies in Contex HD Ultra series scanners.
As the world’s largest developer and producer of wide format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software solutions. The HD 5400 series of scanners utilizes a long list of key technologies unique to a Contex scanner.

CCD technology
The HD Ultra series scanners captures all details with advanced 48-bit CCD technology. By combining CCD with Contex Natural Light and high quality camera optics you are ensured the best posible results in every scan.

Fujifilm lenses
Like photography, scanned image quality depends heavily on lens quality. Using lenses that are specifically designed for the scanning resolution will ensure against various problems, from uneven sharpness to chromatic errors and color fringing (black lines show up in color). This is why Contex uses custom Fujifilm lenses in all CCD based scanners.

Full 48 bit workflow
To get the best results, your scanner and software should work with full 48-bit data. Where other scanners ignore some of this data, the HD Ultra is the world’s only wide format scanner with true 48-bit.

X-Rite ICC profiles
Using X-Rite generated profiles ensures the highest possible color accuracy for the demanding customers. X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology.

Adobe RGB, Device RGB and sRGB
Contex HD Ultra scanners have several different options for color space. In addition to the common sRGB the HD Ultra also offers color spaces with wider gamut as preferred by color specialists.

Adobe RGB and Device RGB has a larger color gamut than sRGB, hereby allowing differences in very bright and saturated colors to be maintained in the file.

Contex Natural Light
The light source is custom fluorescent with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI > 95) to produce the most accurate colors possible. The CCD itself is high resolution and capable of capturing 48-bit color, but Contex have the unique ability to process the entire 48-bit color data - resulting in the most accurate color images you can get from a scanner today.

Delivering 3 times the bandwidth of USB2, our unique Gigabit Ethernet implementation with xDTR2 is lightning fast and accelerates workflows even further via network sharing, where scans can be controlled from any computer.

HD Upgrade (BASE to PLUS)
Upgrade Kit
Nextimage SCAN
Nextimage SCAN+COPY
(requires SCAN license installed)
JETimageNET Copy Software
Floor Stands
Contex Scanner Stand with document catch basket for 54" Scanners

2-year warranty and fast, easy parts replacement
With Contex, vital scanner parts replacement is quick, easy and hassle-free. Your Contex system monitors vital parts such as lamp and dust filters and lets you know when it’s time to consider a replacement.

The advantage?
You save time and money on technical service – and keep your business running without costly delays. And with a 2-year warranty on most parts, you can rest assured that your Contex won’t let you down. Please contact your local sales representative for additional information on pricing and options.

The warranty period is two (2) years from the date of invoice to the final customer.

Contex warrants that the scanners are delivered in the latest revision, free of defect arising from design, material or workmanship.

Contex' support obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of any faulty parts. The obligation only entails faulty items which are not results of:
Faults or negligence of the user
Improper or unauthorized use of the scanner
Attempts to repair the equipment by the user or other unauthorized persons
Causes external to the equipment or part thereof such as, but not limited to, power failure, catastrophes or unusual environmental conditions.

Consumables, such as parts affected by normal wear and tear (lamps, glass, white background plates, filters) are not covered by the 2-year warranty plan.

5-year spare parts support
In addition, Contex will guarantee spare parts support for a period of five (5) years from the date of discontinuation of the products, whenever this occurs, providing you the peace of mind that we will stand behind our products for many years after your purchase.

Third year coverage
(add on to 2 yr standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
Third and Fourth year coverage
(add on to 2 yr standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
Third, Fourth and Fifth year coverage
(add on to 2 yr standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
One year onsite warranty extension
Purchased after the initial scanner order, but before any
pre-existing onsite warranty expires, includes renewals.
One year onsite post warranty
Use this option for cases where all warranty contracts have
expired and the end-user desires to purchase a onsite warranty.

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